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Mauri Ingram  Mauri Ingram, President & CEO
“Every day people here in Whatcom County make charitable gifts with one end in mind: to make this already wonderful place even better. Their investments make a difference.”
Mauri’s first encounter with WCF was as a grantee. She was the founding executive director of what is now the Downtown Bellingham Partnership.  Several years later, she was asked to serve on the Foundation’s board of directors where she served for three and a half years. In 2007, she became President and CEO.  Her work experience prior to WCF includes working for two different nonprofit organizations based in Washington D.C. and operating two restaurants with her husband Lee.  She has volunteered her time supporting many different community organizations including Sustainable Connections, Northwest Economic Council, and the YWCA.  Mauri currently serves on the board for Philanthropy Northwest and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Among Mauri’s favorite things in life are being alone on a run or long walk with her camera or just being with her family and enjoying our community. Click here to email Mauri. 

Pamela Jons, Director of Advancement & Programs
“I believe philanthropy can be powerfully transformational for the giver, receiver, and facilitator.”
After getting a bachelor’s degree in political science and women’s studies from Macalester College and a master’s degree in urban and environmental policy and planning from Tufts University, Pamela worked for more than two decades in the public sector. She also ran a small business for 10 years. Inspired by people like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Bill and Melinda Gates and all of her yoga teachers, Pamela was drawn to opportunities that help us move from one state of being into another where we are more aware and compassionate. Pamela has volunteered in a public housing authority, driven the food bank truck, and walked dogs at the Humane Society. Click here to email Pamela.

PamPam Muelhausen, Director of Finance
“My years of volunteer work opened my eyes to the potential of the nonprofit world, and I’m truly delighted to be here.”
Pam has a diverse work history. After 17 years in banking, Pam moved to Lummi Island in 1990 where she and her husband bought a business. Aside from working, Pam has been involved with the Lummi Island Congregational Church, the Beach School PTO, and the Isle Aire Beach Water Association. Thanks to a Lummi Island connection with WCF’s first Executive Director, Pam began working as a part-time Financial Assistant and then as full-time Director of Finance when the Foundation started to grow. Click here to email Pam.


RM final photo 2014Rachel Myers, Development & Programs Manager
“I love this community, and I feel so fortunate to work for an organization that is focused on bringing people together to make things better.” 

Rachel grew up in a tiny Iowa community of just 334 people. She graduated from Drake University in 1996 and spent the next 4 years working in marketing and communications in Kansas City. She decided to move 1,800 miles to Bellingham after falling in love with this beautiful area during a visit. She was thrilled to discover a community full of amazing and generous people who love Whatcom County as much as she does. With more than 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Rachel has worked and volunteered with diverse organizations in the arts, mentoring youth, and promoting adult literacy. She is an avid reader and currently serves as a Trustee for the Bellingham Public Library. Click here to email Rachel. 

MissyMissy Belles,
Assistant to the CEO
“Working here makes me feel so good about what I do for a living. I love our mission and our purpose.”
 As a local graduate of Mount Vernon High School with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, Marketing and Decision Sciences from Western Washington University, Melissa (“Missy”) Belles was attracted to the community spirit and trust that WCF brings to Whatcom County early on. Missy is involved in Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition trail work, Northwest Youth Services Soup for Shelter and the YMCA Girls on the Run program. In her spare time, Missy can be found on her mountain bike exploring new terrain, as she is always up for a challenge. She even won the Washington State Mountain Bike Championship Series in 1991! Click here to email Missy.


Shannon Elmendorf, Project Assistant


Whatcom Community Foundation Board of Directors

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Steve Swan | Vice-chair
Kira Bravo | Secretary/Treasurer
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Dr. Brenda-Lee Karasik
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