Professional Advisors

A Resource For Charitable Giving

A core part of our mission is to help people give back to their community during their lifetime, or through their estate plans. Partnering with financial and legal advisors is an important part of this work.

As a trusted advisor, you play a pivotal role in helping your clients make important decisions about their estates and charitable planning. We want to help you help them make the best possible decisions—whether we benefit directly or not. We offer a full suite of philanthropic services, from providing support to professional fund management.

A Partner To Enhance Your Practice
We benefit from the strongest possible relationship between you and your client. We seek to support your role, never to eclipse it. We can work entirely in the background, or be part of client meetings, at your discretion.

We are well positioned to help you assist your clients with giving:

  • We work every day at the intersection of donors’ passions and community needs.  Our job is to understand your clients’ goals, to understand nonprofits, and to make connections as appropriate.
  • We meet or exceed all of the rigorous National Standards created for Community Foundations.
  • We have helped structure and execute $15 million in gift and grant transactions in recent years, working with a wide variety of gift assets, a broad range of giving vehicles and dozens of clients with very high expectations.

Looking for something you can’t find? Email or call our staff to see how we can help you help your clients.