Arch of Healing & Reconcilation

Immigrants add to the cultural richness of Whatcom County as well as to the economy. Sadly, the community hasn’t always been a welcoming place for immigrants. Chinese, Indian and Japanese immigrants, in particular, were targeted and forcibly removed from the city in 1885, 1907 and 1942 respectively. 

The Arch of Healing & Reconciliation is a lasting memorial to the all brave immigrants who have come to Whatcom County since the 1800s, those who dared to come to America seeking better life opportunities for themselves and their families, and who helped build our community through their hard work.

The Arch Project celebrates basic human connection and potential. In addition to the physical arch, the project includes:

• A book and museum exhibit chronicling the history of the Sikh people in the region;
• An Ethnic Food Festival celebrating cuisines from the numerous cultures represented in Whatcom County; and
• The Arch of Healing Scholarship Fund to invest in the education – and the promising futures – of students from first generation immigrant families (‘first generation’ may apply to parents or students).

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