Fairhaven Alumni Scholarship

On December 31, 1935, Fairhaven High School burned to the ground. For the Fairhaven student body, who were just your age at the time, this was a life-defining moment. And given the economic situation in America and the political unrest in Europe, for many students, this was also a life-changing event. Within a short period time, the Fairhaven grads were deeply involved in these events. There were no high school reunions – just the depression and war.

In 1987, my father-in-law – Joe Hansen the last student body president of Fairhaven High School – returned to the Pacific Northwest and started getting in touch with his long lost classmates. After a few reunions, the ‘original’ Fairhavenites decided to memoralize their high school by establishing an alumni association. These former students, who were part of the “greatest generation”, setup an scholarship fund to ensure that their school would not be forgotten.

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