Vicky Marshall Memorial Scholarship


The newly endowed Vicky Marshall Memorial Scholarship, was established in 2015 by family and friends of Vicky Marshall, a beloved educator and community volunteer. Vicky’s husband Ken, and their daughter Nicole worked with the Community Foundation to create the scholarship. Ken shared that they made the decision to set up the scholarship because, “Nicole and I knew that Vicky had touched countless lives, and that so very many people loved her. A scholarship in her honor seemed the perfect way to ensure that Vicky, and her contributions, would be remembered. Since it will help many young people to further their education, it is very much in keeping with Vicky’s many years of service in education to children and parents.”

The Vicky Marshall Memorial Scholarship is endowed, which means the principal of the fund is invested, and the earnings are used to both build the fund, and to support annual scholarships. As an endowed scholarship, the Vicky Marshal Memorial Scholarship will continue to grow and award scholarships to young people in our community in perpetuity.

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