Every scholarship is an investment in student potential.

Invest in Scholarships
We all know the costs of higher education are growing dramatically. There is more demand than ever from local students seeking financial support to help them continue their education beyond high school and move towards a brighter future. Scholarships help remove the barriers that stand between a deserving young person and the education they need to be successful. 

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Our Scholarship Funds

Hannah Truong smaller“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.  I will be the first person in my family to go to college, and your support means more than words can say.  Without members of the community like you, students like me would not dare to dream.”  – Hannah Truong,  Bellingham Scholarship Recipient & National Volunteer Student of the Year


Service Clubs & Organizations
AVID Shuksan Alumni – Bavitra Fnu
Bellingham Bash Fastpitch Association – Lauren Groen
Bellingham Central Lion’s Club – Elsie Dank & Lily Gould
Bellingham Education Association – Lena Albarran, Kathryn Bach, Rachel Holladay & Luke Springer
Kiwani’s Club of Bellingham – Laci Bowhay, Miranda Rodriguez & Raphael Schapiro
PEO, Chapter BQ Ferndale Scholarship – Madeline Scholten
Rotary Club of Bellingham, Most Improved Students –  Alejandra Guzman-Russell, Violet Harris & Barrett Ortega-Rybka
Rotary Club of Bellingham, Outstanding Acdemic Achievement – Jordyn Correll & Jacob van’t Hoog
Rotary Club of Bellingham, Best Overall Student – Lucas Cunningham & Ginger Mullins
Rotary Club of Bellingham, Vocational Excellence – Shawn Godinez, Zari Green & Amber Hughen-Coiro
Women Sharing Hope – Dawson Burroughs

Alumni Groups
Bellingham High School Class of ’53 – Mayra Aguilera-Suarez, Kira Munson & Connor Steward
Custer Elementary PTO – Alejandra Guzman-Russell, Andrea Hansen & Alicia Silves
Eagleridge PTO – Cordelia Pallares & Arenjot Sanghera
Fairhaven Alumni – Collin Ney
Options – Kathryn Bach, Jaylen Carter & Holly Frock
GRADs – Patricia Bazante Solano

Anvil Engineering & Science – Catherine Michelutti
Bellingham Anesthesia Association – Ashah Gould
Haggen Food & Pharmacy – Audra Johnson
Life Rescue, Inc – Casey Tran
Northside Dental Care – Diana Castillo
Space Goat Creative Life – Araceli Guzman Lopez
The Firs – Melissa Burke-Manwaring

Family Scholarships
Baird Family – Ivon Sanchez-Pineda
Barbara Mathers-Schmidt & Robert H. Schmidt Scholarship – Arenjot Sanghera
Captain Wendy Lawrence – Ashah Gould
D C Morse, Jr. and Jan Marchbanks – Gabino Basye
Don & Ellen Easterbrook – Ari Geisler, Aislinn Knoght & Karol Mukhamediyeva
Geneva Elementary Inspirational – Keenan Rice
Jan Marchbanks and D C Morse, Jr. – Shawn Godinez
Macpherson Music & Math – Malia Brunk 
McCourt Family – Maia Tuberville
Random Acts of Kindness – Sarah Brossow, Jaelin Ford-Madden, Kayla Nygren, Sawyer Stone & Hannah Tsan
Smeltzer Family – Maia Tuberville
Champagne Family – Myra Mejia Perez
Farris Familiy – Marianna Kemp
Kimberly Family Character Award – Maggie Davis – Bower
W. Ingram Family – Claire Campbell
Mr.Wood & Family – Kyrie Fairbairn, Larson Fairbairn, Judith Kamps & Maia Tuberville

Ferndale Scholarship Fund
Joshua Bock
Andy Duong
Alex Faria
Dominique Hanson
Aanikka Hodges
Kaylee Lyons
Kaily Mason
Janelly Sanchez
Maia Tannahill
Jaden Warren
Brett Westford

Lummi Nation Scholarship
Katherine Cleary
Ellie Elefson
Michael Erickson
Ashah Gould
Barrett Ortega-Rybka
Arenjot Sanghera
Audrey Schlichting
Madeline Scholten

Memorial Scholarships
Brett Allsop Memorial – David White
Commander Pete Oswald Scholarship – Carl Capili
Daniel Bartle Memorial Scholarship – Katherine Cleary
Dave Nelson Memorial Foundation Scholarship – Constance Chadwich
Hannah Dashiell Memorial Scholarship – Katherine Cleary 
Heather Marie Engels Memorial – Sara Crum
Joan Beardsley Memorial – Emily Little
LaVelle A “Vel” West – Malia Peeples
Mary L. Seilo Memorial Scholarship – Cordelia Pallares
Michael Hansen Scholarship – Owen Richey
Nicholas Moothart Scholarship – Madeline Burnett
Robyn J du Pre Memorial Scholarship – Jamie Oman
Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation Mike Mischaikow Scholarship – Alexa McGowan
Sue Jampsa Memorial Scholarship – Kayla Nygren
Ted Van Dyk Scholarship – Jessica Tran
Thomas & Martina Horn Foundation –  Savannah Ballweber, Jorge Campos Rodriguez, Paige Censale, Shane Davis & Rolando Gonzalez
Vicky Marshall Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Maeda
Wade King Scholar/Athlete – Aysha Nygren
Wes Martinsen Memorial Scholarship – Barrett Ortega-Rybka
Zach Bouchard Memorial Scholarship – Kaiden VanDalen