Asher A. Kinney Fly to Germany Scholarship

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This year we will be awarding one scholarship toward offsetting the cost of airfare necessary for participation in the German American Partnership Program

Selection criteria utilized in determining the recipient of the award shall be as follows:

1. Participant in Bellingham High School German American partnership Program (GAPP)
2. Minimum GPA of 3.0 in German Class during current school year

Application criteria:

1. One letter of recommendation from a Bellingham High School teacher
2. One 500 word minimum essay addressing the following:

a. Describe what motivates your desire to participate in the GAPP exchange program
b. How do you anticipate that traveling to Germany with GAPP will impact you as an individual?

Please contact Bellingham High School German Teacher, Kara Bezanson for application deadlines at at 360-676-6575 ext: 7211

Asher About Asher..

There once lived a wonderful boy who was everything a mother could hope for… he was clever, he was handsome and he was kind. Like his mother, the boy became easily enchanted by that which deeply engaged his imagination, expressing earnest passion for his favorite things from the time he began to speak.

As he grew, the boy’s preoccupations evolved beyond the makings of whimsical childhood fantasy as he experienced more of the world around him. His mother nurtured his every enthusiasm and eventually his passionate nature began to inspire his dreams for the future. At the age of ten, the boy stood in awe before a famous aircraft and his dream of flying was awakened. Four years later, an inspiring introduction to the German culture prompted the evolution of the boy’s dream from merely flying, to flying to Germany. Tragically, the boy’s life came to an end much too soon. His dream of flying was realized on his sixteenth birthday, but his dream of flying to Germany was left unfulfilled.

That boy’s name was Asher and I am his mother. I have learned many lessons as Asher’s mom, but the most poignant among them is that big dreams are achievable. He and I may no longer be physically together, but there exists an eternal bond between mother and child, and Asher and I remain a formidable team. With his spirit guiding me, I have chosen to establish the Asher A. Kinney “Fly To Germany” Scholarship Fund as a lasting legacy of my beautiful son’s passionate nature and his dream of flying to Germany. Individual recipients of this scholarship will receive financial assistance toward offsetting the cost of airfare necessary for participation in the German American Partnership Program, a non-profit high school exchange program between schools in Germany and the United States. Together, Asher and I will keep his dream of flying to Germany alive by supporting the dreams of others.

Asher & Sandi