Lydia Place Endowment Fund

In Whatcom County, every fourth homeless person is a child and a full 10% of the homeless population has not yet seen their fourth birthday (2017 Point-In-Time Count Report). As the rate of homelessness continues to soar, the pressure from the public to resolve this issue intensifies. Amidst this pressure  families experiencing homelessness continue to be left out of most conversations, and yet, we as an agency with years of experience working within this population, know the only true solution to homelessness must start there, with our most vulnerable children. This is the mission and work of Lydia Place.
Lydia Place, in partnership with Opportunity Council, is leading the way in our community’s efforts to address family homelessness. An investment in Lydia Place, is an investment in the future of our community.
Lydia Place was founded in 1989 as a transitional housing facility for women and children.  We continue to operate our transitional housing facility, and since have expanded to include an array of housing options and supportive services to meet the needs of our community. 
Lydia Place operates five essential programs:
  • Family Services Program (FSP): established with the vision of a community in which family homelessness is rare, brief, and resolved quickly.  FSP features over 100 housing placements and includes a flexible and diverse pool of funds that allows Lydia Place to meet the unique needs of each family
  • Community Re-housing Program: focused on identifying permanent housing options for chronically homeless households, this program utilizes private sector housing and rental subsidies along with intensive case management and permanent supportive housing placements.
  • Campus Support Program: includes 12 units of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless women at two Lydia Place owned facilities.
  • Parent Support Program (PSP): parent support and early intervention are key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The PSP includes in-home and classroom parenting education, child development coaching, early childhood educational advocacy, and therapeutic interventions for children and youth.  The PSP’s feature service, Parents as Teachers (PAT), is an evidence-based home visiting program with 30 years of research proving its effectiveness. 
  • Mental Health Counseling Program: in response to the overwhelming need and gap in services for mental health, Lydia Place launched this program in 2017 to provide in-home counseling.

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