Designated Funds

You may name a specific charity or charities to benefit from your gift. Should any designated organization cease to exist, the Foundation through its variance power has the authority and responsibility to reallocate the gift to another agency that can most closely carry out your original intent. Please call us at 360-671-6463 to learn more about setting up a designated fund. 

Bayview Fund
supports eight local nonprofit organizations (Endowed)

Bellingham Public Library Funds
(Endowed and Non-endowed)

Bellingham Festival of Music Education Outreach Fund
supports the promotion of music education in the greater Whatcom County area (Endowed)

Bellingham Festival of Music Endowment Fund

Center for Justice Fund
in support of programs at the Center for Justice that address the problem of wrongful convections generated by the criminal justice system, in a fair and just way

Coal Export Health Impact Study Fund (non-endowed)
in support of funding for a coal export health impact study.

Ferndale Double Dome Capital Fund (non-endowed)
to support the design, building and maintenance of a large swimming pool and associated sports facilites for the general public

Fragrance Garden Endowment Fund
to support the Fragrance Garden at Tennant Lake Park in Ferndale

Linda Dorsett Memorial Fund
in support of the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center in Kendall.

Growing A Biliterate Community Fund

This fund supports a Spanish-language community reading program co-created by parents, teachers and staff to strengthen communities in Skagit Valley.

Brian and Marya Griffin Fund
supports five local nonprofit organizations (Non-Endowed)

Martin and Gail Haines Fund
supports seven local nonprofit organizations (Non-Endowed)

Law Advocates Endowment Fund
supports Law Advocates’ work providing referrals for free legal services to low-income individuals in Whatcom County

Peters Family Fund
supports three local nonprofit organizations (Endowed)

Whatcom County Drug Court Fund
to provide funds for Whatcom County’s Drug and Family Treatment Court which are designed to support individuals and families in recovery and to reduce recidivism (Non-Endowed)

Whatcom Farmland Preservation Fund
Supports Whatcom County’s Purchase of Developments Rights Program to ensure agricultural land is available to farmers.

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Capital Fund
to support capital improvements to improve the school, its programs, and its community service

The Whatcom Hills Waldorf School Legacy Fund
to provide a permanent source of income for the Whatcom Hills Waldorf School (Endowed)

Whatcom Peace Fund
supports Whatcom Peace and Justice Center

To donate to a particular fund, please type the fund name in the “other funds” category