Whatcom Farmland Preservation Fund

Responding to the loss of local farmland, Whatcom County initiated the development of a Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) program in September of 2001. The Whatcom Farmland Preservation Fund helps to support the PDR program in Whatcom County. Click here to read more about the PDR program. Working with other tools for protecting farmland, the Whatcom County Purchase of Development Rights Program contributes to sustaining farming in Whatcom County. The PDR program is a voluntary program that compensates property owners for the value of their unexercised residential development potential, and enacts an agricultural conservation easement. By protecting our agricultural resource lands we are supporting the local farming industry for current and future generations.

This local farmland has been preserved for perpetuity thanks to the PDR program.

To support the work of Whatcom Farmland Preservation Fund to protect local agricultural lands, please click here.