Elevate Fund

Troy Lautenbach and Erika Nuerenberg created the Elevate Fund with the Whatcom Community Foundation in January of 2017. They named it both for its intended impact and because they met for the first time coming out of adjacent elevators while traveling for work. That chance meeting has changed and elevated their lives in enumerable ways, and they hope to use that momentum to create benefit for others as well.

The Elevate Fund is dedicated to elevating and providing resources to young people in Whatcom County. Whether it’s supplies and stabilization for foster kids, scholarships for low-income college hopefuls, or summer lunch and recreational programs for students, donating to organizations that benefit kids feels both urgent and incredibly important to Erika &Troy.

The Elevate Fund is endowed, which means the principal of the fund is invested, and the earnings are used to both build the fund, and to support annual donations to non-profits. As an endowed fund, the Elevate Fund will continue to grow and contribute financially to our community in perpetuity.

Troy Lautenbach & Erika Nuerenberg

On the eve of their wedding, and for the many years that follow, Erika & Troy ask that their friends and family make a tax deductible donation to the Elevate fund in lieu of wedding, birthday, and other gifts. They feel that they are incredibly blessed to have each other, family and friends, and many of the material things they want in life, and wish to give back to the community they love and the people who go without the things often taken for granted.

Please click here to contribute to the good work of the Elevate Fund.