Field-of-Interest Funds

This type of fund allows you to target a favorite cause or issue without having to name a specific charity. You decide the purpose, such as meeting the needs of children or protecting the environment, and the Foundation identifies projects and organizations that will most effectively accomplish your interests over time. If you are interested in setting up this type of fund, please call us at 360-671-6463. 

Gary and Ann Blanken Fund
supports activities in two fields: arts and culture and the environment (Endowed)

Blythe Cole-Busch Fund for Literacy Development
support of literacy development programs in Whatcom County (Endowed)

CMA Fund
supports activities in two fields: youth and families and arts and culture. (Endowed)

Jeanne & William Carroll Youth & Families Fund
supports activities related to youth and families (Endowed)

Craig & Sue Cole Endowment Fund for Mental Health
supporting mental health research, training, programs and/or services for the benefit of children, youth and young adults in Whatcom County via the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health (“the Department of Psychiatry”)

David Edward Fund
grantmaking support for people living with mental illness (Endowed)

Byron Elmendorf Park Fund
to support Bellingham Park Projects, in memory of Byron Elmendorf who enjoyed to spend time outdoors with those he loved

Equity Endowment
supporting social justice and equity

Fairhaven Fund
supports non-routine maintenance and public art in Fairhaven Village Green and historic Fairhaven

Flavors of Whatcom Ethnic Food Festival Fund
to provide funding for the first five years of the festival celebrating cuisines from the numerous cultures represented in Whatcom County

Barbara Austin Foote Memorial Fund
supports arts and cultural activities (Endowed)

Brian & Marya Griffin Community Fund
supports capital projects benefiting the Arts, Culture and Community Advancement in Whatcom County (Non-Endowed)

Paul and Ann Hanson Fund for the Environment
supports environmental activities and organizations in Whatcom County (Endowed)

Lee and RaVae Luckhart Arts & Culture Fund
supports arts and cultural activities and organizations in Whatcom County (Endowed)

Lee and RaVae Luckhart Environmental Fund
supports environmental activities and organizations in Whatcom County (Endowed)

Pitts Sportsmen’s Fund
support for education and building awareness of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, boating, and firearm safety for youth in Whatcom County (Non-Endowed)

Mary Snapper Fund
Funding for projects supporting children with special health care needs who are at elevated risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions and require health related services

Northwest Catalyst Fund
funding for technical assistance to Northwest Innovation Resource Center Client Entrepreneurs as well as start-up loan capital for those clients eligible for a Fund-guaranteed loan

South Fork Community Fund
supports community-building activities in the area around the South Fork of the Nooksack River (Endowed)

Project Neighborly
Project Neighborly invites ideas to, you guessed it, foster neighborliness. Rural or urban, event or art installation, the possibilities are endless. We are doing our best to make it as easy for all types of groups (not just nonprofits) to participate.

Resilience Fund
grantmaking for disaster preparedness and support

Whatcom Arts & Culture Endowment Fund
supports activities in the general fields of arts and culture (Endowed)

Whatcom Endowment for the Environment
supports activities in the general field of the environment (Endowed)

Whatcom Nonprofit Sector Fund
provides support to strengthen the Whatcom County nonprofit sector as a whole

Whatcom Youth & Families Endowment Fund
provides support for activities serving youth and families (Endowed)

Liam Wood Environmental Fund
was established in memory of Liam Wood to provide support for activities in the general field of the environment (Endowed)