An Unprecedented Partnership


“The Holden Guitar project is an inspiring example of what can happen when diverse entities come together, transforming the environmental errors of yesterday into actions of hope for tomorrow,” said Chuck Carpenter, Holden Village’s co-executive director with wife Stephanie. David Olson adds, “I only got the ball rolling on a much bigger story involving Bob Taylor (Taylor Guitars), Steve McMinn (Pacific Rim Tonewoods), the Whatcom Community Foundation, Holden Village, and the two main beneficiaries, Living Waters for the World and El Porvenir.

Without the enthusiastic involvement of all of our partners, this project would have gone absolutely nowhere, but as it is we are on the verge of something unprecedented in the acoustic guitar industry. Thanks to the skill and ingenuity of the organizations involved, this forest will sing again, through many hands.”

The Whatcom Community Foundation has helped to steward the philanthropic aspects of the project. “We  are thrilled and honored to be a part of this incredible project, which combines inspiration, ingenuity and collaboration.” says Mauri Ingram, President and CEO of Whatcom Community Foundation. All of the wood for this guitar, and all of the effort to transport and mill this wood, has been donated to the cause. Steve McMinn of Pacific Tonewoods, says, “We love the idea of using local woods for an international benefit, via this diverse ensemble working together. It’s almost alchemy; transmuting water into wood, into guitars, and then back into clean water – with a side benefit of creating music for years to come.”

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