Immigrant Relief

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Immigrant and Customs Enforcement conducted a raid in Whatcom County on August 29th that resulted in 16 to 28 people being detained, taken to the Tacoma detention facility or to another facility further away. Family separation has profound and lasting consequences that can include physical and behavioral health issues for children that often extend into adulthood. In the short term, it can also cause financial distress and other challenges.

We’ve established three funds to help reunite families and to ensure they have the food, shelter, care and assistance they need as they navigate the process of resolving their immigration case. All three funds are currently being used to support detainees and their families affected by the August 29, 2018 ICE raid that occurred in Whatcom County. The funds may be used in response to future actions that occur in Whatcom County.

Immigrant Relief Fund

Your gift to the Relief Fund will help families buy essentials like groceries, medicine and gas, stay in safe, stable housing, and get the assistance they need. The Relief Fund also gives the most flexibility in responding to dynamic circumstances and investing funds where that are needed most.

Immigrant Rights Bond Fund

Your gift to the Bond Fund will help detainees return to their families, neighborhoods and jobs as they wait for a hearing. Bond Funds are anticipated to be repaid and will be re-used to reunite other families in the future.

Immigrant Rights Legal Defense Fund

Your gift to the Legal Defense Fund will make it possible for detainees and their families to get the legal counsel and representation necessary so that they can exercise their legal rights related to detainment and/or other issues that arise as the result of detainment such as financial challenges.

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You can always write a check noting your fund preference(s) in the memo section.