Compass Health Builds Their Endowment Fund to Support Local Mental Health Services

The goal of Compass Health (Formerly known as Whatcom Counseling & Psychiatric Services) is to provide the best and most effective behavioral healthcare for individuals in need, allowing their clients the opportunity to live  happy, healthy lives full of purpose. As an organization, Compass Health recently decided to reinvigorate their endowment fund at the Community Foundation with a new gift, and a renewed focus on growing their fund to help it provide more sustainable income in the future.

“Compass Health is fully committed to the health and well-being of the communities of Whatcom County,” states Compass Health President and CEO, Tom Sebastian. “One of the ways we are proud to show our investment is by working with the Whatcom Community Foundation to build our endowment fund so we can continue to address the various behavioral healthcare needs of this region. With the foundation’s guidance, individuals are able to have an immense impact through their giving on organizations like Compass Health – thank you.”

Serving youth is a key priority for Compass Health. Last year they served 316 children and youth clients in Whatcom County, and they have increased their staffing to serve even more this year. Alex, a 12 year old client at Compass Health, shares, “My clinician at Compass Health helped me control my emotions and outbursts at home and school. Sometimes I didn’t even know why I was acting the way I was, especially at school. We worked together on ways for me to problem solve with my friends and teachers instead of yelling at them. I know I can’t always be perfect, but I feel more like a kid should feel again.” Their services are designed to promote positive changes in behavior, help the child /youth and family learn appropriate coping skills, improve communication skills and learn to resolve conflict and manage emotions in a healthy manner.

Along with youth services, Compass Health also offers the following programs and services to our neighbors in Whatcom County: Adult Outpatient Program, Group Therapy for Adults, Outpatient Children and Family Services, Offender Re-entry Community Safety Program (ORCSP), Rainbow Recovery Center, Crisis Triage & Stabilization and Jail Transition Services. In 2014, they served 2,671 adult clients in our community. We are proud to partner Compass Health in their work to make Whatcom County a better place for everyone to live.