New Scholarship Fund Honors Hannah Dashiell


The Whatcom Community Foundation is proud to announce a new endowment fund has been created to support the Hannah Dashiell Memorial Scholarship.  Generous friends, family members and loved ones continue to build this fund, which will provide a scholarship each year to a promising young woman who plans to enter the medical field. Hannah’s parents, Dennis & Jeanette Dashiell, said that they wanted to honor her with a scholarship because, “Hannah was a driven student who loved academic accomplishment. She wore her “I Heart Algebra” t-shirt proudly. She looked forward to the adventure of college. Medical education is lengthy and expensive. We want to help other young women to go on with that adventure, and we hope that the recipients of this scholarship will pay it forward after they receive their education.”

An exceptional young woman, Hannah Dashiell was a senior at Squalicum High School. She had a weighted GPA well over 4.0; she was her ASB class Vice President; she had enough AP credits to enter college as a Junior; and she had just been accepted into the Urban Honors Program at Portland State University. Hannah planned to be a doctor. She was very driven, very smart and very responsible. She was sure to accomplish her goal to be a doctor.

Tragically, Hannah’s powder blue vintage Volkswagen bug slid on an icy morning road as she drove to work in January of 2014. Her car hit another car in the oncoming lane and she was killed in the accident. The community and the Dashiell family morn her loss and wish to honor her life through a scholarship for other young women going into medicine.

She was generous and charitable and had been working on starting a local version of the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, in memorial to her grandfather. In fact, that work has been carried on by friends, and will be held at Civic Field in Bellingham annually.

In one of her most defining character qualities, Hannah was well known for her consistent kindness and thoughtfulness. She was very inclusive; always offering a smile, a conversation, and showing that she cared. Hannah noticed when people were feeling left out. Hannah remembered birthdays and enjoyed finding the perfect gift. She loved her family, her boyfriend, her quirky car and a good cup of tea. No one could have asked for a better daughter, sister and friend.

One of the most significant themes about Hannah for those who knew her, was her amazing capacity to “Turn Her Cant’s into Can’s and Her Dreams into Plans.” She was incredibly inspirational in taking timely action to: travel, go see bands, paint, do photography, play music, create events, recognize others… Over and over again, people continue to say how they are taking Hannah’s example and moving to action; making their own dreams come true and connecting with those around them meaningfully. Sometimes we inflate others in our memories of them, but Hannah truly was the amazing, great person who overcame obstacles, demonstrated kindness, and lived actively & creatively.

To contribute to this scholarship, please click hereYour gift will help other strong young women walk forward in Hannah’s footsteps to be healers, charitable community leaders and kind people.