Threshold Fund: local capital making homes possible for our neighbors

Whatcom County is a beautiful place to live and many are discovering what makes this region so unique. This movement has had an impact on the housing market, creating a spike in housing prices and decreasing moderately priced options, leaving many of our neighbors unable to afford a home. In 2017, Whatcom County median home prices gained over 10% in value driving list prices over $350,000, for a single-family home.

At the Community Foundation we believe everyone deserves an affordable, secure place to call home. To realize this aspiration, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Kulshan Land Trust to generate the Threshold Fund. With more than 72 home sites in inventory (and more envisioned), Kulshan Community Land Trust and Habitat for Humanity are ready to help our neighbors open the door to a new home and a brighter future.

Together, we can make the dream of home ownership a reality.  Contributing to the Threshold Fund advances affordable housing solutions in Whatcom County; providing social, economic, educational and environmental returns to our community.

It’s a pathway for our exceptionally caring community to come together. Generating a transformational opportunity one child, one family, one neighborhood and one city at a time.

Learn more about how Impact Investing/Threshold Fund is helping Whatcom County thrive.