Project Neighborly 2018: Grantees Selected

 “People can imagine and bring remarkable things to life if you invite them to be creative,” said Community Foundation CEO Mauri Ingram. “Project Neighborly grants add a little fuel to those great ideas. The 2017 projects proved that truly amazing things can be accomplished when people roll up their sleeves to focus on the one thing that we all… Continue reading

Project Neighborly 2018-grant is now closed

Thank you Neighbor!

The Project Neighborly grant window for 2018 is now closed. 

We appreciate your great ideas for strengthening our community and look forward to reading your proposals.  Check back in December for grant awards announcement!


Do you have an idea for how to strengthen community ties?    

Project Neighborly grants help connect people… Continue reading

Project Neighborly: Kendall Kids Cookin’ with Gas!

Andi Browne runs EATery at the Mt. Baker School District’s Kendall Elementary School. Every Thursday, she and her volunteers from the School Garden Committee combine art and food for creative lessons in cooking, nutrition and the power of group effort.

In 2013, the Boston Globe reported that more than 70 percent of children live with two busy working parents… Continue reading

Project Neighborly: Prevent Forest Fires, Spark Neighbor Conversation

Anne Mosness learned the hard way what fire can do to a community when she lost her business in Alaska to a warehouse fire several years ago. So it’s not surprising she is part of Hillside Firewise in Sudden Valley, one of several residents with experience in fire fighting, prevention and education eager to share their knowledge so that wildfire… Continue reading

Project Neighborly: South Fork Speaker Series Helps People Know Neighbors

The South Fork Valley is a sparsely populated corner of Whatcom County. The 8,000 people who live in the area have a variety of jobs and interests. Some live and work there, others commute to Bellingham or beyond. There are retirees and teens, conservatives and liberals, a dozen ethnic groups, and representatives of most major religions. It is not necessarily… Continue reading

Project Neighborly: Outside the Bubble

What does it mean when 200 people apply to have dinner with a stranger?

For Bellingham Herald Executive Editor Julie Shirley the meaning is clear: in the wake of a divisive election, people in Whatcom County are eager to meet someone outside their sphere.

The Herald used a Project Neighborly grant to fund a series of dinners in area restaurants… Continue reading

Biking -and Giving – Coast to Coast!

Robin and Doug Robertson like to think big – when it comes to health, travel AND philanthropy.  They are about to embark on a ‘bucket list’ item where they will ride their bikes from Bellingham to the farthest point away in the continental US. This epic journey begins this summer.  They will bike from corner to corner, coast… Continue reading

Project Neighborly: Tea for thirty-two times two

Neighborliness is about getting together in a special way. 

Tea is always an occasion. But high tea for 32 Lummi Island schoolchildren and their elder neighbors on Valentine’s Day? That’s a full-fledged party with hats, gloves, mustaches and manners. The event, along with the pen-pal relationships that led up to it, was supported by a Foundation Project Neighborly grant.… Continue reading

Our Community Report: Connecting People, Ideas & Resources for 20 Years

We are proud to share our new Community Report with you!

A generation ago, a group of people—neighbors who cared about this place and everyone in it—founded the Whatcom Community Foundation. They didn’t talk about ‘risk capital’ or ‘social return on investment’. They just rolled up their sleeves and got straight to the business of asking (and doing something about)… Continue reading