Investment Management

Investing funds wisely for the best returns is critical to the mission of the Foundation and to achieving the philanthropic goals of our donors. Therefore, we strive to maximize that income while also ensuring that we are managing financial risks prudently.

Our investment philosophy is fairly typical for community foundations. Our long-term goal is to assure a long-term rate of growth sufficient to offset normal inflation, administrative fees, and management fees (if any), plus reasonable, regular distributions. Any additional income over the amount available to spend combined with fees and stays in the fund to make up for the years in which the overall returns fail to meet our goal.

The Foundation’s Investment and Finance Committee approves and monitors all investments on a regular basis. The Foundation Board of Directors receives regular reports on all its financial activities. The Investment and Finance Committee is composed of four board members and two community members, all of whom have strong business and/or investment backgrounds.

Whatcom Community Foundation Investment & Finance Committee:
Earl Benson 
Professor, Department of Finance and Marketing, Western Washington University

Kira Bravo, CPA – Committee Chair
Partner, Moss Adams

Kevin DeYoung, Partner
Larson Gross

Karen Sloss, CFP®
Financial Advisor, Cetera Advisor Networks

Tim Vail, AWMA®, AIF
Wealth Management Advisor, Northwest Capital Management

Gary Barnett

Investment Approach, Service Fees, and Investment Performance

Foundation Financial Information