Library love lives on


George Muldrow and Bob Bragg met in college in the 50’s and spent the next 63 years teaching, creating art and building their lives together until they passed away within three months of each other in 2017. Throughout their lives they gave major gifts, including many scholarship funds, in honor of various family members. But they also wanted to leave something for their community. They loved the Bellingham Library: its books, services and programs. They loved that libraries provided refuge and resources to people of all walks of life. They felt the library needed to be part of our community fabric forever.

Their gift: $3 million to establish the Robert Bragg & George Muldrow Endowment for the Bellingham Public Library.

Their legacy: This powerful endowment will benefit the Library year after year as it grows and responds to community needs and wishes.


Did you know that the Bellingham Public library welcomed nearly 800,000 visitors in 2018? Nearly 70% of Bellingham citizens are active library borrowers— 1.6 million items last year!