How We Can Help

We hope you will become part of the Foundation. Our family of dedicated, generous and forward thinking donors is making a difference in our community every day. When and how you give is up to you. You can make a gift today, become part of our Madrona Society by including the Foundation in your estate planning or both. It is easy to get started. You can establish a fund with the Foundation in about an hour. 

Board member, Fred Miller, shares the 3 words that he feels best describe the Foundation.

Why Partner with Whatcom Community Foundation?

Partnering with the Foundation can be a very effective way to make your philanthropy reach as far as possible to support our community. Giving through the Foundation is often much easier for donors than setting up a private foundation and there are many benefits to pooling your funds with other philanthropists. Benefits of partnership include:

We are an organization with deep roots in Whatcom County communities with the involvement of many local leaders.

Our professional staff offers significant experience regarding our community issues, needs and opportunities.

We provide services that are highly tailored to each donor’s charitable and financial interests.

We can help you build permanent endowed funds that benefit the community forever and create personal legacies.

We accept different kinds of assets and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving.

We offer you the ability to take advantage of state and federal tax laws.


You Want to Make a Difference.  We Can Help. 

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