Your Gifts Matter

Your gift to the Foundation is an investment in good people doing great things. 

Jayme & David Curley

Jayme & David Curley

When David and Jayme Curley opened their donor-advised fund a few years ago, they were looking for a good way to share their windfall with the community. What they didn’t know at the time was how much they would learn about all of the exciting things organizations are doing here in Whatcom County.

Jayme puts it this way, “It feels wonderful to donate what you can to the community you live in. The community foundation really amplified that. They provide so much information about what is happening and what makes the place tick. You get a picture in your mind of how this community is knit together, and what needs to happen.”

Since 2010, the Curley Family Fund has supported 15 diverse organizations and projects including Pickford Film Center, Animals as Natural Therapy, the Bellingham Food Bank, and the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, among others.

Working with WCF has changed their approach to giving. According to David, working with the Foundation helped them to be bolder with what they support, “The pay off for us is we wouldn’t have known that about 90% of the projects that we have heard about through WCF. That is a benefit.” Jayme agrees, adding, “We discovered such a wealth of possibilities here. The community foundation is doing a lot of research that an individual really can’t do. It gives you a big leg up into what each organization is trying to do. It makes the giving much more informed. It feels good to know that the community foundation has done the work to research each project.”

David said that another thing they really enjoy is “Being able to connect with the actual people who are doing the work. You get more feedback on what is happening and what has worked. You get good feedback. This is hands on. You know that your gift is making a difference, and I feel really invested in it all.”

Jayme sums up their experience like this, “It really is a good feeling to make a difference. You guys do all the work, and we get to have all of the fun. We have really enjoyed it!”




Janice & Glenn Butler

Glenn and Janice Butler have lived and raised their three children in Whatcom County since 1994. They opened a donor advised fund at the Whatcom Community Foundation as a way to support our common goal of encouraging philanthropy. They felt that it was an easy way to set up family giving in advance with “one check tax planning.” With the help of community members working with the Board of Directors, the Foundation distributes grants based on community needs, opportunities and, in the case of donor-advised and designated funds, donor goals. Thanks to a growing pool of funds, we are able to make grants to improve Whatcom County’s quality of life through literacy programs, violence prevention, environmental education, service learning projects, youth and family services, community arts programs and much more. Janice has served on the Mount Baker Theatre Board as well as the Campaign for the Arts Board while Glenn has served on the Whatcom Community Foundation board. Glenn says, “We have seen first hand the opportunities that funds maintained at the Foundation have encouraged and supported. Indeed, we are often supporters through both our time and our money on those opportunities.”